Cable tracing in South Africa

Cable tracing - a complex technical process, regulated by control organizations. To produce electricity supply cannot be done without cable, at the same time, as with any other device that requires not only precise engineering calculation during laying, but also the knowledge of the place of laying with which can occur certain difficulties. Almost everywhere, there are problems with the precise definition of the place of the cable laying, often scheme and projects are lost due to some reasons or they are not accurate enough, cable tracing in South Africa often requires solutions to this problem.

Cable fault location

The simplest situation is cable tracing in RSA to new areas, so there is no difficulty with the definition of places of other cables laying, as well as other utilities. The areas of old building often require the special treatment to the laying and repair of electrical networks. Often, electricians are faced with the need of the exact location of the specific cable laying and cable fault location.

Cable fault location in RSA

Cable fault location in RSA should be entrusted to the WL Engineering Company, so you can expect not only guaranteed, but also a quick result. Often of the quick search of this damage depends the resumption of production, the resumption of activities of daily living in the buildings. WL Engineering uses the most advanced methods for tracing, searching of laid electric cables and operational fault location.

What we do

WLEngineering was founded in 1994 as an electrical and mechanical engineering in Pretoria, SA. Our executive team provides Electrical and Mechanical engineering services, such as: powerfactor and switchgear maintanence, cable fault location and cable tracing, transformer maintanence, repair and oil purification, solar systems maintanence and repair.

How we do

Our business strategy is to provide superior engineering solutions and consultancy services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require.


For 23 years we provide excellent electrical and mechanical engineering services. WLEngineering creates solutions for leading companies, Government departments and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) throughout the country and the region.

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