Switchgear maintenance in South Africa

Maintenance in South Africa is done by different companies. If you want to have a predictable, high quality result you should be directed to companies that have certified specialists such as WL Engineering. Any equipment of electric networks requires right approach, based on the switchgear maintenance.

Switchgear maintenance in RSA

Ability to implement the planned maintenance and routine inspections, considerably reduces the risk of output switching of the system, ensures uninterrupted access to electricity. Switchgear maintenance in RSA requires a detailed approach to the selection of a service company. The WL Engineering electricians ready to provide solutions to such problems, as on designed and commissioned projects by the company as on any others projects.

Powerfactor maintenance in RSA

The general scheme of service includes activities aimed at powerfactor maintenance. The importance of powerfactor maintenance in RSA, is the same as in any other countries - for the consumer it is especially noticeable - occurs by reducing the consumption of electricity. This is more important for those customers that use as electricity consumers inductive or capacitive loads, such referred to electro motors, transformers and other.

What we do

WLEngineering was founded in 1994 as an electrical and mechanical engineering in Pretoria, SA. Our executive team provides Electrical and Mechanical engineering services, such as: powerfactor and switchgear maintanence, cable fault location and cable tracing, transformer maintanence, repair and oil purification, solar systems maintanence and repair.

How we do

Our business strategy is to provide superior engineering solutions and consultancy services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require.


For 23 years we provide excellent electrical and mechanical engineering services. WLEngineering creates solutions for leading companies, Government departments and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) throughout the country and the region.

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