Transformer maintenance

Transformer maintenance - a procedure that requires a certain technical training, which is gained by certified electricians, experience and constancy. If at the time of starting or running the equipment a scheduled inspection not occurs, the equipment may be damaged, and this entails transformer’s repair or its costly replacement. Transformer maintenance in RSA should be trusted only to certified staff of WL Engineering.

Transformer repair

In order not to waste time for searching, it is simply to entrust maintenance of your electrical equipment to specialists of our company, if you need a transformer repair in RSA, you can also contact us. Electricians of WL Engineering will provide a detailed inspection, oil change, besides the analysis of its samples. Every fourth transformer in South Africa requires routine inspection or routine checks with the selection of oil on the sample.

Transformer oil

Transformer oil - an important part of proper and durable service life of the equipment, in South Africa this type of electrical service is made by WL Engineering company, which has a lot of positive reviews, including in social networks. Cleaning of liquid insulation, in this case oil purification in transformers - leads to an improvement in transformers’ work in general, as well as improving the insulation characteristics. Oil purification in RSA is quickly and efficiently carried out by electricians of WL Engineering.

What we do

WLEngineering was founded in 1994 as an electrical and mechanical engineering in Pretoria, SA. Our executive team provides Electrical and Mechanical engineering services, such as: powerfactor and switchgear maintanence, cable fault location and cable tracing, transformer maintanence, repair and oil purification, solar systems maintanence and repair.

How we do

Our business strategy is to provide superior engineering solutions and consultancy services that rely on innovation as a core differentiator. We take a holistic approach to the critical elements that customers require.


For 23 years we provide excellent electrical and mechanical engineering services. WLEngineering creates solutions for leading companies, Government departments and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) throughout the country and the region.

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